Isaac Kline, CRPC®

Isaac Kline, CRPC®

LPL Financial Advisor

Isaac Kline is a Financial Advisor with LPL Financial.  He has more than 15 years experience training, educating and helping individuals feel more at ease when making important decisions.  He believes that his prior experience as a Director of Training and Vice President of Stores was a great foundation for his work as a financial advisor.


With a mission to alleviate some of the stress and worry for individuals when making important financial decisions, his goal is to listen, understand and educate.  Isaac has a passion for serving and working with people.  He loves building lifetime relationships with his clients.


With an educational background in accounting, he has always had a passion for finance.  Using sound financial strategies, Isaac helps his clients to make sense of the complexities that encompass making financial decisions.


Isaac believes in the team approach, and has surrounded himself with experienced and knowledgeable professionals.  Together they create comprehensive financial plans that become financial blueprints to help individuals and businesses pursue their goals. 


Outside of business, Isaac is an active Scout Leader in his community, and has been for many years.  Isaac is happily married to his beautiful wife Maryanna.  Together they have 3 amazing children that love to hike, camp, and play together.